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12 Month Full Natal Astrology Mentorship - July 21 2024

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May 21 2024

Gain a deeper understanding of the outer planets, through their cultural significance and to distill true meaning to how they operate in our lives and in the world. This is an intermediate look at the planets and is an energetic transmission of healing. This class is a highlight of the Oak Astrology School material.

$100 discount til May 10

Mentorship Testimonials

Jenn Sanchez Ramirez, California

The full natal astrology mentorship has been one of the best investments I have ever made. Oak has managed to create an incredibly supportive container to learn all the basics you need to gain a deep understanding of the mechanics required to read natal charts. The material is intensive and packed with wisdom that is easy to comprehend and integrate and that’s just the learning materials. For me the real value was within the weekly cohort meetings which quickly became something I looked forward to each week. The container was incredibly healing to say the least. Post mentorship I feel confident in offering natal chart readings in my own community and beyond. Oak’s teachings have equipped me with the confidence and language I was needing in order to further my Astrology practice. I plan to be a student of his teachings for a long time I suspect anyone else who invests in his teachings will feel the same. Don’t sleep on this.

Carmela Cruz, Vancouver BC

Enrolling in the natal astrology course was one of the best decisions I've made. It really helped me look deeper into the planets and how to read a natal chart, introducing me to the magic and complexities of Astrology that go beyond pop culture. The course was a lot more meditative than expected, which helped ground me in what has been a sacred practice, first and foremost.Thank you for guiding me throughout the two courses I took 😭 The energy fostered in all the cohorts always felt so safe and loving.

Stephanie Tuazon, California

Their content is digestible, easy to follow along, and visually appealing. I really appreciate having the recordings to refer back to. It is not the easiest to connect virtually, but Oak has made an inviting and safe container for us. Oak and my classmates are very much supportive and I feel very lucky to have this community in this virtual space.
My cohort is soo adorbs and we are all in different levels of our astrology learning. I enjoy our weekly classes and hate to miss out on them! I never feel like I do not belong because I'm not as advanced as others. Oak is able to offer an array of information for the intermediate/advanced learners too.
Our live classes are dynamic and a range of topics are discussed given all of our individual and collective healing (amidst social uprisings, pandemic). But the space is validating, affirming, and soo refreshing.

Vivian Mac, New York

I literally lived and breathed the course this whole year.

Oak I LOVED the class. Thanks so much for creating this school and the space for community to learn together! I feel much more confident in learning about and exploring astrology further, especially now that I had experienced the live sessions and "workshopped" example charts with you and other students. Having the conversations was very helpful and I appreciated the insights you brought to the table that encouraged me to look at things in new ways.

Melani de Guzman, New York

The mentorship is powerful and it will rip you apart into a more conscious shadow worker.

Liesbeth Sketelenburg, Brussels Belgium

I feel that I should let you know how much I have enjoyed the astrology courses we did and how deeply grateful I am. It has brought me more than I would have ever thought, astrology became so much more alive to me. You are a gifted teacher, wise for your age. I also loved to see how other students opened up and blossomed during the transits & predictive course, how we all did. 


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I teach how to see clearly. 

I am certified by the NCGR- Professional Astrologers Alliance and have had my successful astrology consultation practice for the past 8 years. I have been engaged in the healing arts for over 10 years. My practice is influenced by classical astrology, modern psychological astrology and my studies in the healing arts. As an herbalist, I weave astrology with my deep connection to the earth and the body. 

My work with astrology is informed by my experience as a queer first generation Filipinx American (they/them). I use astrology as a guidepost for the navigation of the material, ancestral, cosmic and practical. I am honored to share this work that has fully changed my life and continuously graces my life with knowledge, guidance and depth. I have been blessed to draw close other healers as students, especially BIPOC, LGBTQ and other Filipinx healers. 

As a teacher, I am clear, practical and magical. Teaching astrology is to share divine love, it is the grace of the universe and the language of all things.