Hello, I’m Oak, your astrology teacher and guide. 

I teach how to see clearly. 

I am certified by the NCGR- Professional Astrologers Alliance and have had my successful astrology consultation practice for the past 7 years. I have been engaged in the healing arts for over 10 years. My practice is influenced by classical astrology, modern psychological astrology and my studies in the healing arts. As an herbalist, I weave astrology with my deep connection to the earth and the body. 

My work with astrology is informed by my experience as a queer first generation Filipinx American (they/them). I use astrology as a guidepost for the navigation of the material, ancestral, cosmic and practical. I am honored to share this work that has fully changed my life and continuously graces my life with knowledge, guidance and depth. I have been blessed to draw close other healers as students, especially BIPOC, LGBTQ and other Filipinx healers. 

As a teacher, I am clear, practical and magical. Teaching astrology is to share divine love, it is the grace of the universe and the language of all things. I am currently writing a book titled Astro Lifestyle.