Full Natal Astrology Mentorship Cohort

Next cohort - Jan 30 2023

Natal Astrology is the foundational cornerstone to all astrological study. 

Competency in Natal Astrology will allow you to excel in all branches of Astrology. The Full Natal Astrology Course is a full treatment of Natal Astrology and sets you up for astrological success. Students of the mentorship cohort are trained for excellence in chart analysis.

By completing this course you will:

☿️ Learn a powerful tool for contextualizing and understanding healing, counseling, wisdom, life cycles, trauma, relationships, life path, ancestry, health, business and wellness. 

☿️ Give powerful readings for anyone

☿️ Go deeper into your healing path

☿️ Learning proper birth chart analysis will take your healing practice to the next level. 

☿️ Build up and validate your intuition

☿️ Deeply understand the human condition and gain a holistic framework for life and all of life’s questions

☿️ Become masterful at reading people and understanding their patterns, psychology and spiritual purpose.

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Course Details 

Total of 82 hours of recorded materials for a solid treatment of natal astrology. 12 month mentorship program, meeting twice a month in virtual classroom. Full integration of course materials and certification after completion of course.

This course is open to all and offers practitioner level development 

All materials focus on chart analysis for healing and counseling. 

36 extended classes that go over materials in depth.

Classes are fun, engaging, thoughtfully curated and cover all aspects of approaching astrological counseling. 

Several ‘elective’ style classes that give tools and frameworks to support foundational techniques.