Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between the self-study courses and the mentorship programs?

The self study courses are incredible resources that are a proper guide to learning astrology just as if you are in an online classroom. In the mentorship programs, we go over the materials in greater detail in the group cohorts. The group setting greatly enhances learning and allows space for one-on-one guidance and plenty of space to practice.

Because of the intimate nature of the mentorships, previous students find the mentorship programs to be powerful, life changing and a deeply healing experience. 

I have been studying astrology for a while and am giving readings, which course should I take? 

The Natal Astrology Course will fill in any gaps in your understanding of the birth chart. Total fluency in analyzing a birth chart is necessary for accurate predictions and readings. Check out this video that answers this question in full.

Are there prerequisites for the Natal Astrology Course?

The Natal Astrology Course offers a full treatment of Natal Astrology and includes approaching astrology from a perspective of counseling and healing throughout the materials. There is no prerequisite, just a genuine desire to learn is necessary for success with these courses. 

Is certification offered with any of the programs?

After completing the final assignments for Full Natal Astrology Mentorship you will receive a certification of proficiency for the 1 year program at Oak Astrology School. 

After completing the final assignments for Transits & Predictive Astrology Mentorship you will receive a certification of proficiency for the 5 month program at Oak Astrology School. 

The courses at Oak Astrology School prepare students for furthering their astrological careers and studies. 

I am not interested in becoming a professional astrologer, are these courses right for me?

While the approach to the materials is based within cultivating professionalism and counseling skills, learning astrology from an ethical perspective would still require understanding basic principles of counseling. 

While many of the students that come through Oak Astrology School are healers, counselors and healers in training, all are totally welcome.

Are there scholarships available? 

Scholarships for the mentorship programs are offered to BIPOC students that are in financial need. When you fill your mentorship application and speak with Oak make sure to ask about the scholarships.